Runde Kuchenplatte 9mm (0.35")
Runde Kuchenplatte 9mm (0.35")
Runde Kuchenplatte 9mm (0.35")

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Runde Kuchenplatte 9mm (0.35")

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Customised cake board made of certified wood for food use. Extra stability and resistance. Safe transport and exclusive presentation. Thicknesses available:

  • 9mm (0.35"): holds up to 20KG (44lb)

Choose the correct size for your cake board by leaving some margin for your logo:

  • Naked cakes or buttercream coverings: cake mold + 5cm (2 in)
  • Chantilly coverings: mold + 8cm (3 in)

 How to place an order?

  1. Add your products to the cart and upload your logo (if personalised)
  2. Check out and complete the payment
  3. You will get a reply within 2 business days

Once we receive your logo, we will prepare PDF sample and send it to you for approval. Once it has been approved, we will start the production. 

Lead time: 5-10 days

Preferred logo format: .ai, .svg, .eps or .cdr. If your logo is in PDF or JPEG it is ok. We will vectorise it for you.

Free Shipping for orders above:

  • EUR 50: Spain and Portugal
  • EUR 90: Balearic Islands
  • EUR 150: France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Austria.
  • EUR 200: UK and Switzerland.
  • Other countries? Get in touch with us!


  1. What is a logo vector? A vector is your logo under the formats or extensions: .ai, .svg, .eps or .cdr.
  2. Can I send my logo if I have a PDF or JPEG format? Yes. However, if you have the logo vector, it will make things easier for our design team!
  3. How do I know I have a logo vector? If you designed your logo with a professional designer, you probably have any of the extensions mentioned above. If not, you may ask your designer and see if they will send it to you.


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