Sanitary Registration for Cake Board Manufacturers

En Papiers is positioned as a leading company in the market thanks to being authorized by the Ministry of Consumption for the manufacture of Cake Boards. This food registry certifies that our products undergo a treatment that makes direct contact with food possible.

In addition to the treatments that guarantee food safety, En Papiers complies with the quality and hygiene standards specified by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition.

Personalised Cake Board
The food certificate is essential for all those companies that wish to sell cakes to the public, and it is a document that must always be requested from manufacturers of products that are in direct contact with food.

Working with certified manufacturers is the only guarantee that your pastry shop will not have problems the day you receive an inspection.

Today, En Papiers is the only manufacturer in Europe of MDF wood cake boards with sanitary registration. All our boards are certified for direct contact with
food according to the European regulation EU 10/2011 and with all its subsequent modifications.

En Papiers seeks to be increasingly safe, healthy and sustainable through
continuous improvement of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection facilities.

In addition, our products are treated with an antimicrobial technology, specifically approved for food contact, effective against
bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the coronavirus.

Working with En Papiers is synonymous with:

  • Quality in your elaborations: our products do not generate changes in the taste of your cakes.
  • Health: En Papiers cake boards do not accumulate bacteria, fungi or viruses and do not generate food contamination.
  • Lower risk to your business since all the businesses that manipulate food must have only suppliers with sanitary registration. That verification undergoes periodic sanitary control inspections.
  • More quality in your elaborations.

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