What is a wooden MDF Cake Board?

There are several types of cake boards on the market, but there is none that is as resistant and elegant as those made of MDF (medium density fibres). This type of board is obtained by compressing wood fibres and the result is a very resistant and easy to work product.

In this article we explain what are the advantages of working with MDF Cake Boards, and where you can find the best custom Cake Boards.

Advantages of working with MDF Cake Boards:

1- Resistance: A wooden cake board can hold up to 20 kilos, something that would be impossible with a cardboard cake board.

2- Safety: unlike chipboard, MDF is a heavy, stable and a safe material for transporting cakes.

3- Price: unlike solid wood, the cost is much more competitive.

4- Uniform surface: provides a clean feeling and does not have the porosity of a cardboard.

5- Customisable: MDF wood is easy to cut and does not produce splinters and can be carved or engraved in a similar way to solid wood.

MDF wood also offers additional advantages such as thermal and acoustic insulation, which is why it is often used as wall, furniture or door cladding. MDF boards are often compared to chipboard and many people wonder which of the two materials is better. In general, the two types of wood have a similar use, but it is interesting to highlight some additional aspects:

1- Bending: MDF boards are much more resistant to bending forces than chipboard. There are several types of thickness depending on the weight they must support. For a Cake Board tray, it will be enough to choose between a thickness of 3 or 6 millimetres, depending on the size and weight of the cake.

2- Density: in general, MDF boards are more dense and therefore heavier, offering safety for the transport of cakes.

3- Finishing: the MDF is smooth and is perfect to decorate it with all kinds of finishes.

We have already seen the advantages offered by medium density fibres or MDF as a pastry base. Next week we will examine the different cake stand options and compare different materials like wooden, cardboard, plastic or aluminium Cake Boards.