Plato Sottotorta Duro Redondo
Sottotorta Tondo in Cartone Vassoio
Round thick cake board En Papiers
Sottotorta e vassoi per Torte En Papiers
Round Cake Board 3mm (0.12")

En Papiers Europe

Round Cake Board 3mm (0.12")

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Customised cake board made of certified wood for food use. Extra stability and resistance. Safe transport and exclusive presentation.


  • 3mm (0.12"): holds up to 3,5KG (7.7lb)

Choose the correct size for your cake board by leaving some margin for your logo:

  • Naked cakes or buttercream coverings: cake mold + 5cm (2 in)
  • Chantilly coverings: mold + 8cm (3 in)

 How to place an order?

  1. Add your products to the cart and upload your logo
  2. Check out and complete the payment
  3. You will get a reply within 2 business days

Once we receive your order, we will prepare a PDF sample and send it to you for approval. Once it has been approved, we will start the production. 

Lead time: 5-10 business days

Preferred logo format: .ai, .svg, .eps or .cdr. If your logo is in PDF or JPEG it is ok. We will vectorise it for you.

Free Shipping for orders above:

  • EUR 50: Spain and Portugal
  • EUR 90: Balearic Islands
  • EUR 150: France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Austria.
  • EUR 200: UK and Switzerland.
  • Other countries? Get in touch with us!


  1. What is a logo vector? A vector is your logo under the formats or extensions: .ai, .svg, .eps or .cdr.
  2. Can I send my logo if I have a PDF or JPEG format? Yes. However, if you have the logo vector, it will make things easier for our design team!
  3. How do I know I have a logo vector? If you designed your logo with a professional designer, you probably have any of the extensions mentioned above. If not, you may ask your designer and see if they will send it to you.


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