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Platter Cake Board - PROMO - Pack 50

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This is a customised cake board made of MDF which makes the cake board very stable and resistant. Your perfect choice for a safe transport and a unique presentation! A single 3mm cake board can hold up to 3,5 kilos.

*** FREE LOGO FROM EUR 50: if your order is less than EUR 50, you must buy a logo maker service or logo converter service *** In any case we do not send the vector file!

Free shipping
  • Spain and Portugal EUR 50.
  • Balearic Islands EUR 90.
  • France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Austria EUR 150.
  • UK: free shipping for orders above 200€
  • Other countries? Get in touch with us!
How to choose a cake board? Easy! For naked, nude or buttercream toppings is the size of your cake plus 5 cm (2"). For Chantilly topping is the size of your cake plus 8 cm (3").

Which is the lead time? Once the payment is made, we need 2 days to prepare a PDF proposal that we send to the client to confirm that the position and dimension of the logo are correct. If the logo is not vectorized, this process may take a little longer. 

Once the client has confirmed the proposal that we send in PDF and we have his approval, we put the order in production queue. The production lasts around 7 working days. Therefore, the total delivery time between when the order is placed and the cake boards arrive at the client's home is approximately 2 weeks.

Don`t you have a logo yet? Don't worry! We offer a Logo Maker Service. Get in touch with us and we will assist you. Email: hello@enpapiers.com WhatsApp: +34693547791.

I have a logo, but I do not know what a logo vector is. A vector is your logo under the formats or extensions: .ai, .svg, .eps or .cdr.

How do I know I have a logo vector? If you designed your logo with a professional designer or an agency, you probably have any of the extensions mentioned above. If not, you may ask and see if they can send it to you.

Do you already have a logo vector? Send your logo through e-mail hello@enpapiers.com. You just need to write your name or order number on the subject. Your logo extension should be in .ai, .svg, .eps or .cdr.

I have a logo on .pdf, .jpg or .png. Is it a vector? No, it is not but we can convert the file into a vector. You just need to buy our Logo Converter Service and e-mail us the file. Remember to write your full name or order number on the subject.

I have a logo, but I used a Logo Maker App. If you used a logo maker app, you may not have the vector. You probably have a .pdf, .jpg or .png file. In that case, we can convert the file for you. You need to buy a Logo Converter Service. Get in touch with us and we will assist you!

How does the free logo maker promo work? Until March 31st, we offer the logo conversion service for free. The process will only be effective once the payment is confirmed. Next, we will send you a basic questionnaire to develop a proposal. Once we have the logo ready, we will email you a low-resolution PDF file for your final approval. Production will begin once the final proposal is approved.

How does the free shipping works? For Spain and Portugal minimum EUR 50 order. For Balearic Island minimum EUR 90. For France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands minimum EUR 150. Other countries please get in touch with us and we will arrange you the best offer!

Do you send to USA and UK? Yes, get in touch with us through hello@enpapiers.com or whatsapp +34693547791.

Any doubt? Send us a whatsapp +34693547791 or email hello@enpapiers.com.